Collection: No Foot Too Small Jewelry Collection

We are touched to share with you that this is a very special collection, as it has been dedicated to celebrating angels in our own way. It fills us with pride to let you know that twenty percent (20%) of the sales price from this collection is donated to an incredibly important cause – the No Foot Too Small organization.

No Foot Too Small was founded by Robin and Ryan Boudreau after the loss of their son Beau. Their mission resonates deeply with us: to bring awareness to the heart-wrenching reality of pregnancy loss and infant mortality, and to honor the little angels who left this world too soon. In the decade since its inception, NFTS has not only provided a community for grieving families but has also made significant contributions to initiatives that support these families during the most challenging times of their lives. NFTS drives national awareness of pregnancy and infant loss by celebrating angels, uniting families and building birthing and bereavement suites.

By choosing a piece of this collection, you're not just creating a precious keepsake; you're also contributing to a larger movement that offers solace and celebrates the lives of angels. Every purchase, no matter the size, helps to make a big difference in the lives of those who are navigating through their loss.

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